How does GisBus work?

How does GisBus work?

GisBus operates two services; a permanent route service and an on-demand roaming service. 

The route service operates to a timetable that can be found on the PTV website here

The on-demand service operates within a roaming area also shown on the PTV website here. Bookings for the on-demand service need to be made by 8pm on the day before travel.  

About Gisbus

The GisBus service was introduced by the Department of Transport as a trial service starting on 19 January 2009. 

This trial was extended a number of times and it is now established as a permanent route service. The service previously ran purely on an on-demand basis, but this has now been replaced by one fixed route service and one on-demand roaming service.

The permanent service commenced in January 2014 and from 14 October 2018 will be extended to operate 7 days a week.

Feedback about the route(s) should be directed to Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007.

Feedback regarding any issues on the service should be directed to Sunshine Tours on (03) 9360 5700 or email us