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Route 473 timetable


As announced recently on Mary-Anne Thomas' web site, in October GisBus will begin operating 18 weekend Gisbus services to make it simpler and easier for Gisborne locals to get where they need to go at the time they want to travel.

Nine extra services will be added to the existing Route 473 on both Saturdays and Sundays to better connect people to the town centre and the train station. The route is a fixed-service, so commuters will not need to book in advance.

The changes will be introduced on Sunday 14 October 2018 with new timetables and maps available at ptv.vic.gov.au

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473 - Gisborne Railway Station


 A new timetable starts on 14 October  2018 including an additional 18 weekend services.

Please see the links below for information on the new timetable. 

Route & Timetable Information

474 - Demand Service


 This service provides a demand responsive service to/from Gisborne Station within the roaming area highlighted on the route map. 

Route & timetable Information

Coach Charters


 Sunshine Tours, operator of Gisbus also provides coaches for charter hire. Please see the Sunshine Tours page by clicking the link below for further information or to submit a quote request.   

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Route Descriptions

473 to Gisborne

Departs from Gisborne Station and runs via Early Street, Chessy Park Drive, Station Road, Aitken Street, Robertson Street, Goode Street, Howey Street, Penny Green Drive, Daly Steet, Melton Road, Willowbank Road, Bloomfield Road, Fersfield Road, Keily Road, Howey Street, Rodney Street, Fisher Street, Calthorpe Street, Melbourne Road, Hamilton Street, Aitken Street, Station Road, Chessy Park Drive and Early Street to Gisborne Station. 

Major stops:

  1. Gisborne Station
  2. Brantome Street – corner of Robertson Street
  3. Fowler Court – corner of Willowbank Road
  4. Aitken Street – corner of Hamilton Street
  5. Gisborne Town Centre – corner of Robertson Street

474 Demand Response Service

This service requires pre-booking, prior to 8pm on the day before travel.  

This service provides a demand responsive service to/from Gisborne Station within the roaming area highlighted on the map.

On demand stops:

  1. Swinburne Avenue – corner of Cherry Lane
  2. Mulgutherie Way
  3. Wyralla Crescent – corner of Collis Street
  4. Mount Gisborne Road – corner of Wyralla Crescent
  5. Parkview Street
  6. Bloomfield Road
  7. Kilmore Road – corner of Mountain View Way
  8. Peavey Road
  9. Monaghan Road – corner of Saunders Road
  10. Macedon Ranges Council
  11. Bullengarook CFA – Bacchus Marsh Road